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Available Services

Premium Support

The gold standard experience for our clients. With premium support, we provide more than just product usage help and error reporting. We provide you with a dedicated technical account manager, test strategy advice, deep dive looks into your automation challenges and more. Find out more by getting in touch with us. 

QA Consultation

Not sure where to start with QA for your Maximo/MAS project? Our experts in EAM, Maximo, MAS and QA can help you craft a strategy that works for your organisation, and fits into your IT change management processes

Test Creation & Maintenance

Our test engineers are, naturally, the world leading experts in test automation with MaxTAF. Get in touch for a consultation on how we can create your first suite of tests, augment your current test scripts, or maintain and enhance your automation over the course of your Maximo journey. 

Test Script Auditing & QA Course Correction

If you have a moderate to heavily customized Maximo, you will have created documented test scripts to follow. These scripts are the bible of your customized Maximo system. We are here to help examine, understand, define, and suggest improvements for your body of test cases, giving you more confidence and system visibility moving into the future. 


We offer basic and advanced training to get your team up to scratch on the ins and outs of scripting with MaxTAF.

Custom Functionality & advanced scripting support

Where out of the box MaxTAF features aren't quite cutting it, we are available to provide custom scripting to handle even the most complex of test automation scenarios. 

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