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We offer a variety of services to get your testing up to speed

Naturally you might call us experts in MaxTAF and MXML - we are delighted to offer our experience and inside-out expertise of our Product to get you testing at full speed in minimal time

Available Services

Test Creation

We can help create some, or all of your testing suite for you. This comes at the advantage of having the global experts in MaxTAF scripting at your disposal.

Test Maintenance

All automated tests require maintenance - that goes without saying. We can maintain your tests on a weekly basis ensuring your entire testing suite is kept in tip-top condition


We offer basic and advanced training to get your team up to scratch on the ins and outs of scripting with MaxTAF


MaxTAF Total requires installation - we work with your sys-admins and testing teams to quickly and precisely get MaxTAF up and running

Testing Audit & Overview

With MaxTAF you can test far more than you were with normal regression testing alone - we can help you work out where to move your testing strategy next

Advice & Support

We provide expert advice every step of the way on your journey toward automation

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