MaxTAF Cloud

Test Automation tailored for IBM Maximo and MAS

Delivered with cutting-edge tools and facilities in a streamlined and unified SaaS enviroment

MaxTAF Cloud is the only SaaS offering for automated testing of Maximo.

It is designed to ensure automated testing is low-cost, quick and scalable.

Designed around allowing ALL SKILL levels to contribute, MaxTAF Cloud allows an entire team to automate their testing, not just a programming expert.

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Why use MaxTAF Cloud?

Tailored for IBM Maximo testing

MaxTAF is designed to let Maximo teams drive further return on investment from their testing.

Tests are easy to create, reliable and deeply powerful. 

Powerful yet easy-to-use platform

Packed with dozens of testing-focused features and facilities, delivered through a streamlined and declutter test-ops environment.

Scalable and accessible from anywhere

As a SaaS solution, MaxTAF requires minimal set-up time, is highly flexible and scalable, and can be accessed from anywhere. 

What can be achieved with MaxTAF Cloud?

Gain greater testing coverage in minimum time

With MaxTAF's easy-to-use test recorder and low-code scripting, creating automated tests for Maximo could not be more effective, or more accessible to your techno-functional team.

Derive further ROI from your Maximo testing practice

Testing is an investment. It is an investment into high system quality, happier users, fewer costly errors and more confident Maximo releases.

How testing is achieved is down to you - test automation is the perfect strategy for a team looking to get the most out of their QA and Maximo investments. 

Achieve better testing consistency, reliability and accuracy

Test automation, when done effectively, allows for full system testing through reliable, repeatable mechanisms.

...and (naturally) catch more defects and achieve a more functional, stable Maximo

Test automation is designed to support your testing practice - naturally, with test automation you can do more testing, more accurately, resulting in catching more bugs/defects, earlier in the release cycle leading to a more stable product (and therefore happier users!).


Test Creation

Record and Play

MaxTAF has a powerful record and play function that works seamlessly, every time. Record a session in the browser and have it immediately available to playback, no fine-tuning required.

Easy Scripting

Using MXML, our own XML language, scripting automations is a breeze with MaxTAF.

See the available tags here

Highly Flexible

If you need a more complex function than we provide, you can even drop down to the Java level and easily incorporate your own code into your MXML script.

Test Management

Intelligent UI Testing

MaxTAF is designed by Maximo experts - unlike other solutions it is intelligently sensitive to Maximo wait times and UI changes, making hyper-robust tests.

Detailed Reporting

MaxTAF can produce reports which are as detailed and granular as you like - these will help you pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly.

Advanced Batching & Orchestration

MaxTAF's Suites facilty is packed with advanced features for batching and controlling the way tests are executed.

Tools & Facilities

Infrastructure & Environments provided

As a SaaS solution, MaxTAF Cloud users benefit from high scalability, low overheads and low maintenance.


Easy-to-use scheduling allows you to establish consistent system health checks with minimum intervention.

Detailed Reporting

MaxTAF automatically produces detailed, granular graphical reports to help communication between test, dev and management.

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