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MaxTAF Cloud is the only SaaS offering for automated testing of Maximo.

It is designed to ensure automated testing is low-cost, quick and scalable.

Designed around allowing ALL SKILL levels to contribute, MaxTAF Cloud allows an entire team to automate their testing, not just a programming expert.


Detailed Reporting

MaxTAF can produce reports which are as detailed an granular as you like - these will help you pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly

Highly Flexible

If you need a more complex function than we provide, you can even drop down to the Java level and easily incorporate your own code into your MXML script

Intelligent UI Testing

MaxTAF is designed by Maximo experts - unlike other solutions it is intelligently sensitive to Maximo wait times and UI changes, making hyper-robust tests

Record and Play

MaxTAF has a powerful record and play function that works seamlessly, every time. Record a session in the browser and have it immediately available to playback, no fine-tuning required

No Infrastructure required

As a SaaS solution, MaxTAF Cloud users benefit from high scalability, low overheads and low maintenance

Easy Scripting

Using MXML, our own XML language, scripting automations is a breeze with MaxTAF

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Why use MaxTAF Cloud?

Reduced time to full automation

Without the efforts required in installing the product, MaxTAF Cloud allows teams to start seeing the benefits of their labours as quickly as possible.

No Infrastructure required

Tests can be ran within the browser client, allowing teams to better consolidate their testing without needing to invest in significant infrastructure.

Scalable and Accessible

MaxTAF's secure, scalable infrastracure, enabled by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, means that teams can run 1,000s of tests at once, ensuring true continuous delivery

Lowered testing costs

Low start-up costs makes MaxTAF Cloud ideal for building a platform of test automation for your Maximo release cycle, no matter how large your regression suite. 

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