MaxTAF Total

Super-charge your Maximo testing

Ensure that your system is 100% robust with multi-layer Maximo testing

Available since 2012, MaxTAF Total is the ultimate solution in testing your Maximo system quickly, effectively and accurately.

MaxTAF Total is an installed module that sits inside your Maximo environment, giving it unique access to the many layers of Maximo.

Designed around allowing ALL SKILL levels to contribute, MaxTAF allows an entire team to automate their testing, not just a programming expert.


Record and Play

MaxTAF has a powerful record and play function that works seamlessly, every time. Record a session in the browser and have it immediately available to playback, no fine-tuning required

Intelligent UI Testing

MaxTAF is designed by Maximo experts - unlike other solutions it is intelligently sensitive to Maximo wait times and UI changes, making hyper-robust tests

Powerful Back-end Testing

In addition to user interface testing, MaxTAF Total can test these layers of Maximo:

  • Database
  • MBO
  • MIF
  • Workflows

Detailed Reporting

MaxTAF can produce reports which are as detailed an granular as you like - these will help you pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly

Easy Scripting

MaxTAF's own XML based scripting language makes test writing and configuration a breeze for any level of skill.

See the available tags here

Highly Flexible

If you need a more complex function than we provide, you can even drop down to the Java level and easily incorporate your own code into your MXML script

Why use MaxTAF Total?

Test Maximo inside and out

As an installed module, MaxTAF Total allows you to achieve the highest level of UI and back-end testing, ensuring maximum test coverage.

Script with your whole team

With Record and Play and MXML scripting, over 60% of your testing suite can be created using MaxTAF functional consultants - no programming needed!

Slash Defect Numbers and Costs 

Catching bugs as soon as they are made has been PROVEN to reduce their overall cost to the project. Don't be left testing at the end of the cyclus

Boost Release Quality

Greater testing coverage in less time means that you will be able to release more confidently, with fewer errors and with bolder feature additions to get the most out of your Maximo

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