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What you receive

  • 5 Bespoke User Journeys (automation scripts)
  • 1 Spike style performance test, at parallel levels of 1, 5, 10, 20 50 and 100 simulatenous sessions
  • 1 endurance style test, running for 30 minutes
  • Statistical report of findings with graphical represenation of data

Who is eligible?

All customers of IBM Maximo are eligible.

This promotion will work best for clients with internet facing Maximo environment, or for those who are open to connecting SaaS products behind their firewall.

What is being promoted?

About MaxTAF Cloud

The platform used to run the performance tests in this promotion is MaxTAF Cloud.

MaxTAF Cloud is a cutting edge SaaS platform for developing, executing and maintaining automation tests for Maximo.

Read more about MaxTAF Cloud here.

How it works

The following is all supplied as a managed service as part of the promotion.

1. MaxTAF team creates User Journeys for you

User journeys are automation scripts that go through a set of tasks, just as a real user would.

During the performance test, these journeys will ran multiple times in parallel to simulate real system load.

2. Run User Journeys to place load on the System

Two types of performance test are run:

  1. Spike test: Journeys are synched and run in parallel to place system under stress. For this promotion, levels of parallization are at 1, 5, 10, 20 and 100 simultaneous sessions.
  2. Endurance test: Journeys are continuously fired for a period of time (in this promorion 30 minutes) to test system consistency over time.

3. Record Performance Metrics

CPU and Memory of the Maximo server are recorded.

Durations of the User Journeys and their respective constituent tasks are also recorded.

4. Produce Graphical Report of data

A graphical report, with charts and tabular data, of the recorded metrics are reported.

Raw data can also be supplied for additional processing of data.

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