Strengthen & Accelarate your Maximo Testing 

MaxTAF is the world's leading IBM Maximo specialised testing solution.

Built with the world's best automation technology, MaxTAF's innovative scripting and recording facilties allows teams to dramatically lower the total cost of testing compared with other Maximo testing methodologies.

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Automating your testing guarantees:

Greater test coverage

Quicker releases

Project and operational cost reductions.

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The No.1 Testing Solution for Maximo

Streamlined Record and Play

Fully optimized for Maximo user interface. No additional tuning required.

No programming necessary

Friendly XML based scripting that can be mastered in a matter of days.

Resilient UI tests

Immune to screen content changes and element re-arrangements.

Maximo back-end testing

Out of the box command library covering MBO, MIF, DB, workflows and more.

Extensible framework

Further adapt to your Maximo with in-house built custom commands.

Additional Benefits

Performance testing using real browsers. Sophisticated data loading.

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