MaxTAF Performance

Test your Maximo's Performance

in the most reliable, realistic and accurate way

Offered as a service, Code Development uses MaxTAF to provide you with realistic, flexible and powerful performance testing of your Maximo to see how it stacks up against pressure.

This helps diagnose and fix issues affecting performance, wherever they may be.

Not only this, but the entire process can be completed in hours, not weeks, with MaxTAF powered performance testing.

Our Data Visualisation provides clear & readable results


Set benchmarks & use MaxTAF to hold your Maximo accountable 


See how your Maximo copes in the most challening situations


Discover stress points during tasks and in overall operation


Use MaxTAF to find performance issues and correct them quickly and effectively

Line Charts

Line charts to see the average times of tasks performed with Maximo under load

Scatter Charts

Scatter Charts show all performed tasks over the testing regime to see average scatters and anomalous results

Performance Guages

See how your system performs against predefined benchmarks

How does it work?

Real Browsers = Realistic Testing

We instruct servers to run automated tasks on real browsers. Most other performance testing tools simulate these tasks via HTTP requests, which are hardly the real thing.

Rapid Design and Set-up

By using MaxTAF's powerful recorder, user journeys (which will be ran at scale) can be created in a matter of minutes, massively simplifying the performance testing session compared with alternatives.

Hundreds of "Users"

We simulate hundreds of users to accurately represent your business scenarios. The more users running, the more Maximo feels the burn...

Accurate Data Recording

Built into our automation scripts are time recording facilites allowing hyper-granular data recording

Free with certain MaxTAF Total Licenses!

For a limited time we are offering performance testing of your Maximo as a service for free with selected MaxTAF license purchases - contact us now to learn more!