What is MaxTAF

Being exclusively dedicated to MAXIMO, MaxTAF is a trouble-free solution for effective test automation. MaxTAF is designed to maximise the two most critical aspects of successful test automation; high productivity (low effort in test creation) and high maintainability (low effort in test maintenance).

To engage every member of your team, MaxTAF offers different ways of creating and maintaining tests; Record & Play for business users, friendly XML scripting for techies and powerful Java/JUnit enhancements for programmers.

Your tests can be run on demand, but you can also group them into suites and schedule them to run overnight. When you get to work in the morning, MaxTAF will give you detail information of any failures that may have occurred.

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MaxTAF Architecture

Functional Regression Testing

With MaxTAF you can test multiple layers of Maximo. You can do your testing from the user’s perspective by launching and driving web browsers, or you can test on the server level including business objects (MBO), integration testing (MIF), database, testing of Workflows, and other Maximo elements. Even better, you can combine these different techniques in the same test.

To help you achieve high test coverage in a short space of time, MaxTAF enables you to create new tests with great speed. The provided MaxTAF Recorder, that is specially built for Maximo, records user’s screen actions and generates appropriate script lines for your test. Such auto generated tests can be run immediately without any further interventions.

Tests are supported by powerful XML based scripting that does not require programming skills. Built in library comes with over 300 specialised XML tags that cover most of Maximo testing needs. When these are not enough, MaxTAF lets you insert Java code directly into your XML. If such code proves to be needed for other tests, with little effort, you can convert it to a new XML tag and add it to your company's own library of custom MaxTAF test elements.

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Additional Features

Data Loading

MaxTAF is an efficient data migration and loading tool. MaxTAF scripts let you prepare and transform your data files, load them into Maximo through multitude of back-end channels and then verify that your data is correctly residing inside Maximo.

In addition to loading the data through the Maximo back-end, you can also simply record a manual creation of new records using ordinary Maximo user interface, and then play back that process for all of the records that you have in your data file.

Performance Testing

You can structure your load tests with many hundreds of simultaneous users and multiple usage scenarios. Unlike some other solutions, instead of simulating system usage MaxTAF actually launches physical browsers and performs genuine Maximo sessions, exactly how they would happen in real life.

To see how a Maximo system behaves under specific usage intensity, MaxTAF allows you to set-up complex system-wide scenarios, for example at the same time it can run Work Order related tests, Purchasing tests and perhaps send inbound integration messages.

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User Training

Once you have created your UI tests that verify various business processes and usage scenarios, the same can be used for the purposes of documentation, education and support.

With a few simple modifications, your MaxTAF tests can quickly become advance instructional material, letting the student not only watch the full recording of a business process, but also interact with it by performing the actions themselves.


Licensing Model

The standard pricing for MaxTAF is based on the number of instances of MaxTAF and then on the maximum number of tests that can be held in an instance. Typically, small projects tend to have around 50 tests but medium and large projects may have many hundreds.

An instance of MaxTAF is an installation of MaxTAF into a specific Maximo environment. Typically Maximo projects would have something like Dev instance, Test instance, SIT instance, Prod etc. 

Unlike some other solutions, all MaxTAF licenses are unlimited in terms of runs and users: to fully benefit from automation you are allowed to run your tests as many times as you like and have anyone from your company use it without restrictions.

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