Client Performance Report



  • User Journey: An automation script comprised of 'Segments'
  • Segment: An individual, non-trivial portion of a user Journey, for example the steps taken to approve a work-order
  • Parallelization: The process whereby User Journeys/Segments are orchestrated to launch at the same time

Test 1: Synchronized Segments

The following data represents a performance test where user journeys were launched in parallel through MaxTAF Cloud's extensive Selenium Grid. User Journeys were orchestrated to launch at regular intervals, with increasing levels of parallelization. Segments were synchronized to begin at the same time as well.

Data Table

The tables below shows various useful statistics accross the dataset for each segment and for each level of parallelization.

1 Parallel

5 Parallel

10 Parallel

20 Parallel

Timeline Charts:
Segment Durations and System Resource Usage

The following charts display a timeline of the test run.
Chart 1 show the durations of the user journeys, as well as the durations of individual test segments.
Chart 2 demonstrates system performance (CPU and Memory usage) over the same time period.

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